Safe. Efficient. Effective.

The Tully Arm

Future-Forward Payment Processing

A game changer for all drive through restaurants across the country.

the tully arm

Fast, Safe, & Easy Payment Processing

The Tully Arm helps minimize the spread of contagious diseases and features an automatic hand sanitizer machine, speeds up the time of service, and helps give customers the peace of mind knowing their credit card/debit card is safe and in their possession at all times.It allows for contactless payments such as Apple Pay. The Tully Arm also opens an opportunity for staff to collect additional gratuities at the walk up and drive-thru window, which can improve employee retention.


Decrease in Labor Costs


Increase in daily Staff tips


Fraud or chargebacks
Employee Retention

How It Works

The Tully Arm speeds up the time of service, allows customers to control their payment options with no-touch payments and offers a tip function that allows staff to collect additional gratuity!


No-Touch Payment


Pay for your items with privacy

and simplicity.


Keeping it Clean!


All of our devices offer a space

for a sanitize station.


Grab, go & Enjoy


Making it as easy and seamless

as possible.

Safe. Efficient. Effective.

Safety Protocol

Your health and safety are important to us! This was created to benefit both the business owner and the consumer!

The Tully Arm allows both customers and your staff to have a no-contact, efficient interaction while creating opportunities for your staff to earn tips with every swipe! Each customer can pay safely, tip the staff and sanitize while at your location, creating a stress-free and user friendly experience every single time someone visits.

the tully arm

How to Order

Fill out the form linked below to get more information for your customized Tully Arm order! Each order is customized for you and your brand.