Behind the tully arm

Meet the Founder

NFL Veteran, Stephen Tulloch always knew he had an interest in business throughout his career, but when he opened his first coffee shop, Circle House Coffee, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, he had no idea that his first business would lead to the invention of a new and innovative tool that would assist other restaurants and drive through businesses across the country. 

Upon opening Circle House Coffee in 2018, he quickly saw that his drive through sales were going to be a huge aspect to his business. Upon the pandemic hitting a short two years later, Tulloch immediately became ultra focused on how he could not only keep his business open and running, but how he could keep his staff safe and comfortable as we navigate through these uncertain times. 

After seeing the repetitive contact happening at the drive through, Stephen created the Tully Arm. A SAFE, non-touch payment system that could make his staff and customers feel at ease when visiting his restaurant. 

The Tully Arm has now evolved to not only a safety tool, but a tool that helps the business bottom line, making and saving owners money that allowed his business to thrive and survive during a global pandemic.

By using the Tully Arm, Tulloch was able to save money on labor, pay his staff more with tips weekly, and keep everyone safe and sanitary. 


“Upon using this with my business, we’ve not only saved on labor costs, but the team morale is up, working harder and together to earn more tips each week.”

How It Works

After using the Tully Arm for over a year, the numbers and results are amazing!

Credit Card Safety

0% Fraud or chargebacks!


Fast, Easy, Safe & Beneficial to your bottom line